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Meet the difference.
The most powerful, most intuitive software for equipping air operators with the tools focused on combatting inefficiencies and increasing profitability in business aviation.
Empty Legs. They're for you to sell.
The end-to-end solution you need to effectively market and sell more charter.
Hands-off empty leg marketing with automatic updates from BART to clients via email, Air Mail, and your website.
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The team at FlyEasy is friendly, open to ideas and extremely responsive.
Incorporating FlyEasy’s technology into our sales cycle has given us new tools and insights to grow our business.
In a world of information overload, FlyEasy has enabled us to deliver timely relevant content to our clients.
EasyQuote Agent allows us to show clients browsing our website accurate pricing we customize on our closed and open fleet in seconds 24/7. The result has been a considerable increase in online inquires. Empty Leg Alerts is the most intuitive empty leg technology we have come across. When we sold more empty legs in the second month of using the technology then the entire year before, we knew we stumbled across something valuable.
With FlyEasy, our quoting process has been streamlined into a fast, reliable and efficient model. FlyEasy has modernized our empty leg marketing where we are receiving very positive feedback along with upward trends in our empty leg sales.
With FlyEasy’s simple to use web site we were set up in minutes and ready to go with our fleet of aircraft. Now with EasyQuote Agent clients have access to us 24/7. In the time we’ve been with FlyEasy the customer service has been outstanding.
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Did you know while reading this an air operator is using FlyEasy to sell an empty leg
7 different ways?
Subscribers receive an auto alert after a new empty leg is posted
Site visitors can see empty legs in real time on your site with your pricing
Operators and brokers can choose to promote empties on their sites with the click of a button and add a preset markup. Global network? Promotional Catalyst? Yes.
With the click of a button your empty legs are broadcast to every Air Mail user in the NBAA database
A client calls and asks if you have any empties? You can send them an up to date list via email in about 5 seconds, with or without pricing
Auto alerts send only the legs for the cities clients requested to see, hitting 100% of the audience each time
Often a client will be looking for an empty leg in a partciular direction not always exact airports. Our technology will auto calculate positioning, but only when it makes financial sense for you to do so.
We are 100% committed to helping you sell more charter
faster, for less money, with less effort than any other technology available
Charter Revenue + Empty Leg Revenue = A Better Balance Sheet
Fleet Director
Manage your fleet in one user-centric platform and sync with the Air Charter Guide
  • Update your fleet information easily and synchronize with your listing on the Air Charter Guide

  • Generate PDF fleet sheets at the click of a button and choose what you want to show your customers

  • Instantly list and promote your empty legs on the Air Charter Guide website and FlyEasy search portal
Easy Quote Agent
Precise quoting technology directly on your website powered by Fleet Director
  • Accurate trip quoting on your website tailored to your fleet and custom pricing

  • Receive qualified leads in real-time directly to your inbox and follow-up right away with a quote

  • Promote your empty legs right on your website and showcase your fleet for applicable trips
Empty Leg Alerts
Engage your site visitors with your empty legs & post to Air Charter Guide and AirMail with one click
  • Engage your website visitors by sending them empty legs for only the routes they have selected

  • Customize the look and feel of your emails with your company logo and contact information

  • Post your empty legs to the Air Charter Guide website and NBAA AirMail with one click
AM Lead Feed
Unlock the power of AirMail without the clutter and get leads you choose sent right to your inbox
  • Interact with thousands of charter professionals in real-time without a cluttered inbox

  • Get leads sent directly to your inbox by specifying your airports of interest

  • Filter the live AirMail feed by needs, haves, and airports around a specific radius
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